windsor bench TSURANE
windsor bench TSURANE
This bench sits two adults comfortably yet is created light enough for one person to handle. TSURANE is the result of devoting every effort and time to come to its perfection of what can only be accomplished by hand. A skillful process that wouldn’t be chosen if it was for mass production. Together with the fine finish of Hinoki, another YOUBI artifact is now in the reach of our hands. And lastly, the spacious seat gives us a hammock feel calling for time to unwind.
Weight:approx. 11.4kg / 25.2lb
Size:W 1370mm × D 550mm × H 780mm 
Seat Height 370mm
W 54.0in. × D 21.7in. × H 30.7in.
Seat Height 14.6in.
Material:Japanese Cypress
Price:* €2,920.00
* $3,340.00
* Tax and shipping and handling not included