ITOSHIRO windsor chair
ITOSHIRO windsor chair
The ITOSHIRO WINDSOR is YOUBI’s first wooden seat product as Mr. Ohshima wanted to accomplish the ultimate soft feel that wood can offer. Measuring how the bottom fits into the seat and plane along the Hinoki wood surface, results with an incredible fit. Together with the soft nature of Hinoki wood, we were utterly impressed of the new sitting experience so comfy and cozy!
Weight:approx. 4.6kg / 10.2lb
Size:W 500mm × D 550mm × H 820mm 
Seat Height 420mm
W 19.7in. × D 21.7in. × H 32.3in.
Seat Height 16.6in.
Material:Japanese Cypress
Price:* €830.00
* $950.00
* Tax and shipping and handling not included