Privacy Policy

We have formulated the following policy pertaining to our handling of personal information, and shall strive to achieve proper handling of all personal information obtained from our customers.

Article 1 (Compliance)
With regard to information pertaining to surviving individuals, in the event of the handling of personal names, dates of birth and other items mentioned or otherwise contained in that information deemed capable of being used to identify specific individuals (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”), we shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other legislations relevant to the protection of Personal Information, as well as with obligations determined within the guidelines of the competent state minister and the provisions of this Policy.

Article 2 (Acquisition of Personal Information)
We shall provide advance notification of our use objectives, the extent of shared users, contact points and other necessary information, thereby striving to obtain the consent of the Party in Question upon our acquisition of Personal Information.

Article 3 (Use of Personal Information)
Except when obtaining the consent of the Party in Question in advance or in cases recognized under the law, we shall only handle Personal Information within the sphere necessary to achieve our use objectives indicated to the Party in Question upon acquisition of the said Personal Information.

Article 4 (Management of Personal Information)
We shall strive to maintain the Personal Information that it has acquired in accurate and updated status within the sphere of our use objectives, devising proper and necessary safety management measures congruent with the technical standards at the present point in time in order to prevent illicit access, divulgence, falsification, loss, damage or other instances, and shall also make corrections in the said Personal Information as deemed necessary.

Article 5 (Supervision of Subcontractors)
We shall be able to consign the handling of Personal Information to third parties within the sphere necessary to achieve our use objectives. Such third parties shall be selected upon confirmation of their possession of security levels deemed adequate for the handling of Personal Information, with necessary and proper supervision to be exercised through contractual agreement or other means.

Article 6 (Supply to Third Parties)
With the exception of cases recognized by law, Personal Information shall not be supplied to third parties without obtaining the consent of the Party in Question. In this regard, we shall not supply Personal Information to third parties through use of the “opt-out system” (Article 23, Paragraph 2 of the Personal Information Protection Law).

Article 7 (Reponses to Opinions and Consultations)
Upon expression of opinions or inquiries pertaining to the disclosure, revision, suspension of use (introductions of products or services), deletion or other handling of Personal Information, we shall make proper responses pursuant to the provisions of the law.

Article 8 (Continual Improvements in Internal Systems)
To ensure the proper handling of Personal Information that is acquired, we shall establish Personal Information managers, prepare internal regulations, arrange for education for our officers and employees, implement proper internal audits and otherwise strive to continually strengthen and improve our internal systems, including revisions in this Policy.