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Just about a 15 minute train ride from Charles de Gaulle airport, CIPANGO arrived at Europe’s largest design exhibition, Maison et Objet with our Samurai spirits in full strength despite the 13 hour flight and jet lag. Welcomed with numerous exhibition rows revealing top trends of 2015, from neon colored outer space suggestions of lighting and furniture design to nature derived sleek interior, we knew we were at the right place to showcase MIYAKE. Our mission to help grow business opportunities and spread understanding of Japanese artisans to the world began on ground.


MIYAKE Booth – A Big Leap

MIYAKE is a Kyoto based artisan workshop acclaimed for their traditional Kyoto dolls including their famous Samurai dolls. With their special technique and tradition over centuries, artisan Miyake Keisuke introduces a completely new product turning samurai armor wear craft into divine contemporary hand bags and interior design. MIYAKE was successfully awarded by Kyoto Connection, operated by Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Kyoto City to support international business and marketing, hence the big leap into the international stage in M&O 2015. With high-end buyers from around the world busily selecting booths to visit for their next mark in the competitive tradeshow, the MIYAKE booth located itself in hall 7 at the Kyoto Connection venue. The venue entrance was attracting a big crowd presenting a room size projection mapping by Team Labo with beautiful design patterned lighting combined with traditional tableware on the floor giving a Japanese space age feel. Soon after the entrance, it was hard not to notice the proudly standing Miyake Samurai Doll welcoming visitors. We were visited by top designers, architects and buyers from various countries curiously learning about the craft behind Miyake’s products and how they would apply to their specific field of interests. We especially found that overseas buyers were interested in how the armor material was crafted and braided producing unique texture, in line with the growing trend of Japanese design and crafts integrated in modern lifestyles.


By the fourth day of the exhibition, as we enjoy the French festivities with our daily baguette in one hand and a Yakitori like salmon brochette on the other, we came to realize that the Japanese booths were perfectly in tune with one of this year’s exhibition goal to primarily showcase “human made” themes. Along with Mr. Miyake, we had the opportunities to interact with potential buyers and with the press who were genuinely impressed with the reclaiming of traditional Japanese craft into contemporary fashion. Our aim to deliver the spirit of the Samurai woven into state of art interior pieces and bags by MIYAKE was well worth the travel.

We were grateful for this opportunity as CIPANGO to introduce another example of Japanese artisan at a grand stage and can’t wait to release our next product coming up just around the corner. Walking up and down and throughout M&O’s massive venue, we gained confidence of what we came for and hope to be back at the next M&O with a variety of CIPANGO handpicked products to share with you around the world. And to our surprise we came back looking fit from all the walking regardless of the delicious French treats we thought we would gain from!

MIYAKE Samurai Armor Wear Bags on your way!

CIPANGO is delighted to inform you that we will be releasing MIYAKE’s Samurai armor wear hand bags here from our site soon! Look out for our visual story and details coming your way!