Konnichiwa! We are pleased to inform you that CIPANGO is now LIVE in Japanese! For those who reside in Japan and would like to purchase any CIPANGO products, you can simply visit our site and order for delivery any where in Japan.

Our carefully handpicked products reflect precious artefacts of Japan that we are passionate to pass on the true value with fair trade in mind. At the same time, each item transcends design of today and for the future using innovative approach with both material and the practical daily usage. We have kicked off with three invaluable products to share. Our hasslefree leather wallet is a perfect gift and of course for you, to bring out a big smile for that extra twist in its well thought design not to mention the quality of the leather as well. An all time loved Japanese round table called the “Chabudai” has been reborn using finest thinned Japanese cypress trees where the dedicated craftsman chose to live adjacent to the trees with his ongoing efforts to keep the forest healthy. And for music lovers who have been longing for ultimate sound quality, we are happy to introduce you to a sleek designed pure audio amp that will change your listening experience for life. All of these precious products have a story to tell and we couldn’t resist but to share it with you hence created our original visual story for you to enjoy the whole product experience!

With our extended search around Japan for outstanding artisan products and the trust we have built together with the artisans ensured our CIPANGO launch to make a difference in making true valued products available online. And not to say the least we are excited to share our CIPANGO platform for you to find your special choice to compliment your lifestyle!

Please come and visit our visual stories and enjoy further product details through our “handpicked” section just above. Welcome to CIPANGO!