A newly born bag carrying tradition woven with true Samurai Spirits!2015/03/27BACK

The Japanese Kacchu (or armor wear) has been worn as a protective gear for Samurais but also refined itself with color variations crafted esthetically attractive for its appeal representing prominence value of the Samurai Spirits. Over centuries of the Shogunate period, the armor wear craft evolved as a state of art with detailed attention of tempering iron, lacquer and metal crafts with the finest material and processing of braiding onto the sturdy steal wear base. We now can witness it being approached from an entirely new way of reviving the armor wear by Mr. Miyake, second generation of Kyoto doll craftsman passing on the Samurai Spirits to fit today’s lifestyle. Dedicating four years of development phase, the Samurai Armor Wear Bag is proudly now within your reach to carry the Samurai Spirits with its ultimate charm.

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