Raicho II pri
Raicho II pri
The Raicho II pri is a pre-amplifier that uses the latest electronic devices and traditional vacuum tubes to deliver rich and warm analog sounds.
The vacuum tube is placed by the window on the front panel. These vacuum tubes are a miniature version of the original tubes that were used in medical devices and defense.
Outperforms the MC transformer, not just in frequency response and phase response, but also in noise and powerful output by using a low noise, low impedance semiconductor.
[Model Name]Raicho II pri
[Product]Pre Amplifier
[Output]1 RCA line output
[Frequency Response]5 ~ 50kHz
[Inputs]1 phono (MC) input, 2 RCA line inputs 1 USB input
[Weight]4.6kg (including granite panel)
W220mm × H82mm × D220mm
(approx. 8.66in × 3.23in × 8.66in)
[Power Supply Cable]Included and directly connected
*Tax and shipping and handling not included