Mission Statement

We CIPANGO, are a team of experts from Business Consulting, Visual and Music Production professionally active internationally beyond borders. Our well grounded resources and travelling lifestyle organically lead us to strive in sharing truly valuable products from Japan. We realize throughout our journeys that there are still many quintessential crafts and skilled techniques both traditional and modern, with competitive edge, to be brought out to the market with fair trade in mind. These truly valuable products are handpicked with great care embracing regional communication by our CIPANGO team to be shared with your quest for genuine quality. Our mission is to help bring these CIPANGO products to you in the most efficient and effective way globally. Throughout our hand-picked product stories, we hope that CIPANGO serves to complement your lifestyle anywhere you are… and of course, to pass on true value together.

CIPANGO Member Profile

Eshin Ochi
As a visual director and creator, Eshin has successfully managed various channel branding including commercial, music videos and program production. After working as creative director for Sony Pictures, he was assigned as chief director/creative director for NHK World from 2006 to introduce Japanese crafts and trends world-wide. His visual creations from around Japan has been released at the Hokkaido Toyako Summit in 2008. Eshin has won awards internationally including his documentary awarded by New York Festival as Co Producer. Eshin hopes to contribute to CIPANGO utilizing his visual production skills delivering quality and creative media contents.

Yumi Kunimoto
Yumi started her career at Space Shower Japan in 1990 from the programming division. After maternaty leave, she started freelancing as managing creators from 1994. The following year in May, she established her own company Commune Ltd. to manage various artists including photographers, hair make –up artists, models, illustrators and writers. She also organized JADO (Japan Designers Organization) to promote creators. Until now she has been planning and producing advertisements, commercial, fashion catalogs, publications, CD jackets, cooperate videos and websites in Japan. In 2012, she has been appointed as board of director for JRAA (Japan Represetative Agency). Yumi hopes to expand opportunities for creators through CIPANGO.

Yumiko Tanabe Arnaudo
Yumi spent her childhood in the U.S. which eventually lead her to rare opportunities mediating for major artists and channels as interpreter, coordinator and interviewer since her college years in Sophia University. After working in finance Yumi embraced a career in production to expand her passion in broadcast with the Nagano Broadcast Radio Organization 98’ for the international signals then was appointed as producer/creative director for Viacom Nickelodeon Japan to launch the channel to head overall production until 2007. She has expanded her producer/director role for international channels including programs for NHK World, and NHK Education most recently to promote Japanese goods and culture. With her 20 year broadcast media content producing experience including animation dubbing, script writing, chairing events and music production, Yumi is commited to bring her international expertise bridging Japan and the rest of the world at the service of creative content and craftsman through CIPANGO.

Naoya Gomi
Naoya studied at St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo Japan up until high school allowing him to establish an international mind and back ground since a young age. With an Electrical Engineer degree from Loyola Marymount University, he dedicated almost 20 years as the sales head and management for National Instruments. He has successfully discovered rare high-end Japanese technology to be applied globally managing and programming all international deals. With his long established sales and management skills, Naoya hopes to contribute in business consulting to bring out the best for customers and partners through CIPANGO.